Here is a list of main projects I was working on during my career:


7m, 8.5m, 9.5m, 11.25m GRP monohull sailing yachts (PL)

10.5m GRP flat deck motor catamaran (PL)

12m GRP sailing catamran (2 models) (PL)

Steel hull/aluminum ss monohull superyacht (UK)

Commercial boats (UK)

12m, 28m, 33m aluminum and steel patrol boats

13.5m GRP pilot boat

16m, 18m, 21m steel and aluminum pilot boats

22m SAR aluminum boat

33m aluminum ferry


45m aluminum crew boat (UK)

70m aluminum catamaran ferry (UK)

>100m steel offshore construction vessels (NO)

116m steel research vessel (DE)

>300m  steel cruise ship (DE, PL)


Plugins for Rhinoceros3d structural, linesplan and hydrostatics