In January 2010 I graduated from West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Maritime Technology (ex Szczecin University of Technology - Politechnika Szczecińska) being awarded Master of Science in Engineering in the field of ocean technology – speciality: vessels, marine structures and equipment.

    Five years long course covered such topics as general arrangement, hydrostatic and stability calculations, seakeeping, structural engineering, stress calculation, ship production technology,deck equipment, working with classification society rules and some CAD (including AUTOCAD, MATHCAD, MAXSURF SUIT, TRIBON). It covered in limited scope ship engines and engine room equipment, measurement techniques, fire safety, noise management and many more.

    It also included two big projects: bulk carrier parallel middle body structural design in accordance with Polish Register of Shipping rules (with longitudinal strength assessment) and 20000 DWT oil tanker design (with stability and propulsion characteristics calculation). There were also two interim projects: flow calculation around trimaran configuration hull with use of CFD software (Fluent + Gambit) and preliminery design of ocean-going trimaran hull.

   My thesis was: Preliminary design of combined sail-engine driven trimaran built in aluminium alloys employing CFD and FEM – hydrodynamic calculations. The course ended with a thesis defense and a final exam.

   Some practical experience

   For two years I have been a founder member of AQUATILUS Students Society where we designed and build a boat for International Waterbike Reggata with composite materials (glass reinforced epoxy) which involved some CFD and FEM (aluminium) calculations.

  During my studies I've manged to make three apprenticeships.
Two of them were in Projektowanie I Budowa Jachtów Andrzej Armiński – on shop (from mould to fitting fibreglass composite sailing catamaran building) and second in design office (technical documentation, RCD, ISO standards, reverse engineering).
Third one was in Murray and Associaties which consisted of two FEM calculations: engine room crane for lifting pistons and deck crane foundation with a considerable part of deck structure in accordance with Lloyd Register Special Service Craft Rules.

   Self - employment

   Even before I graduated I started to work as self-employed engineer and naval architect providing services mostly for yachting industry. My main field of interest was hydrostatic, stability and drag calculations, structural engineering, RCD harmonized ISO standards compliance, hull shape design, equipment selection, creating technical documentation, technology development, on-shop supervision and reverse engineering. I became familiar with such materials as wood, composites (polyester and epoxy resins reinforced with glass, carbon or aramid fibers) and stainless steel. I was a part of almost all design and building phases from hull lines, through mould construction to deck equipment fitting. There were also a lot of 3D modelling and visualizations work mainly in Rhino 3d.

   Nelton Sp. z o.o.

   Since January 2012 I have been employed in Nelton Sp. z o.o. - a consultancy firm providing design services mainly for German and Norwegian shipyards. My main activities range from detailed ship steel structure design, 3d modelling and drafting to deck equipment design, modelling and drafting (mainly in accordance to shipyard standards). I was also assigned updating drawings for GA, creating and updating concept models and drawings for deck equipment and modelling concept ship shapes. Most of the work was done in Catia V4 for one of the biggest cruise ship manufacturers located in Germany.

   Camarc Ltd

   April 2013-April 2014 and January 2015-July 2015 I have been employed in Camarc Ltd - a design office in Worthing, UK providing services in design field of workboats (steel, aluminium and composite up to 45m) to shipyards all over the world. My main activities consist of GA development, structure design, internal arrangement, deck equipment, weight and COG estimation, and system schematics design and drafting. Most of the work was done in Autocad and Rhinoceros 3d.

   Design office in Norway

In the end of 2014 I worked on a short term contract in a design office in Norway on  >100m OCV classification drawings and few smaller assignments like propeller guard or LARS platform conversion.

   BMT Nigel Gee

Since August 2015 I have been a subcontractor for BMT NG - well known marine engineering design consultancy in Southampton, UK.  My main activities involve drafting and 3d modeling of ship structures from class pack to detailed design and preparing arrangement drawings. Most important projects so far were large superyacht and 70m aluminum catamaran ferry. Work was done in Autocad, Shipconstructor and Rhinoceros3d.